Baby Etiquette and Wording

What information should I include in a custom birth announcement?

Everyone is excited to learn about the birth of your new baby! The most important details to share are the baby’s name, date of birth, weight, and names of parents and siblings. The time that the baby was born and the length of the baby are optional. Be consistent with or without periods on pounds and ounces. Photos are also optional but can add an exciting touch to your custom birth announcements!
When should I mail out birth announcements? 
Birth announcements should be sent out as soon as possible, but the latest should be 4 months post-birth. To make it easier on yourself, try to get the announcement picked out in advance, buy stamps, and make a list with addresses ready for those who are to receive the announcement - anything to make it easier once the baby arrives. Luscious Verde has an option to save your custom birth announcement design, so once the baby arrives you can fill in any blanks on your order and submit it.
Do I send a photograph with my birth announcement?  
It is not necessary to send a photo with your birth announcement, however many people are anxious to see the baby. If you are enclosing a photo with your announcement, consider the size of the photo as you will want it to fit in the envelope.
After receiving a gift, should I write a thank you note from my newborn or should it be from me? 
Traditionally, a thank you note has the parent(s) name on it, but it has become very popular recently for parents to send thank you notes with the baby's name printed on them. Either way is appropriate. 
How do I word baby announcements for multiple births? 
A baby announcement for a multiple birth is worded as a single birth. The announcement should have each baby's name and weight. The parents' names and the date of birth are only written once. To make it easy to read, having the babies' names side by side is helpful. For example:
  Double trouble!
Fischer Avery               Maxwell Caleb
5 pounds, 4 ounces       5 pounds, 1 ounce
April 16, 2012
Jennifer and Jack Ruckleshaus
How do I word an announcement for an adoption? 
Usually the adoptive parents know what information they want to announce; it is really up to the parents. One option is to include the date that the baby was born, and the date that the baby was adopted. Here is an example:
Janice, Marc, and Maxene
take great pleasure in announcing
the adoption of
John Dudley Anderson
born on January 21, 2010
welcomed into the family February 16, 2010
How do I word a birth announcement when I kept my maiden name or if there is only one parent? 
In a situation where there is a single or divorced parent, the mother or father should put whatever name they wish to be known by and the baby's first and last name if it is different from the parent's last name.  When the mother has kept her maiden name, write the father's first and last name, the mother's first and last name, and the baby's name including the last name that he/she is taking. Include the date of birth, but birth weight is optional. Here is an example:
 We welcome with love
Sophia Claire Jackson
9 pounds, 12 ounces
November 16, 2014
Rachel Meyer and Michael Jones
How do I word a birth announcement with unmarried or same sex couples?
Birth announcements with unmarried or same sex couples can be worded just as a parent who is not changing her maiden name. Both the first and last names of the parents are included and the full name of the baby is also included. Here is an example:
It’s a girl!
Morgan Leigh Moss
June 20, 2015
Eight pounds, three ounces
Randle Solganik and Steven Moss
What are alternate ideas for beginning the wording on a unique birth announcement?
(Sibling's name) has a new brother
(Sibling's name) has a new sister
We joyfully announce the birth of our son / daughter...
We proudly welcome
We welcome with joy our new baby boy/girl
We welcome with love
A new little hand for us to hold
A treasure...
Beautiful beginnings...
Big sister/brother (sibling's name) has a new little hand to hold
Celebrating our newest arrival
Cutie pie!
Dad has someone new to watch football with!
Daddy's learning to change diapers!
Daddy's new best friend
Double the diapers, double the pins...
Dreams really do come true!
God has sent us a new love
God has surely blessed us
Here at last!
Introducing our latest addition
Introducing our new little angel
Introducing the arrival of
It’s a boy!
It’s a girl!
It's twins!
Join us in welcoming...
Jumping for joy . . . announcing our boy
Just look at those dimples!
Look who dropped in!
Look who's finally here!
Look who's saying "Hi!" to the world...
Meet the newest member of our clan
Mommy's sweet little angel
Our beautiful baby boy has arrived
Our beautiful baby girl has arrived
Our bright and bouncy bundle
Our family has grown by two feet
Our hearts are filled with happiness
Our horizons have expanded
Our little bundle of joy!
Our lives are changing forever!
Our lives are filled with love
Our lives are so much richer
Our loving family welcomes...
Our new little princess/prince
Our new love has arrived
Our prayers have been answered
Our tiny miracle...
Please meet the newest member of our family
Precious beyond compare...
Proudly announcing...
She's got us wrapped around her little finger!
She's such a beauty
Someone new to love
Someone tiny, someone sweet, we would like for you to meet
Sweet baby sunshine...
The newest "star" in our lives
There's a new love in our life
Tiny hands, tiny feet, there’s someone new we’d like you to meet
Twice as much fun!
Welcome to the world little one
Welcoming our new baby boy
Welcoming our new baby girl
We are delighted to announce the birth of…
We are pleased to announce (the arrival of)…
We happily announce the birth of our twins
We welcome with loving arms
We welcome into our hearts
We're ecstatic!
We’re tickled pink
We've been blessed
We've been doubly blessed!
What a handsome little man!
With great joy, we introduce
With love we introduce
(Sibling's name)'s new playmate