Etiquette and Wording

The world of etiquette is wide and deep. While some people are only comfortable adhering to age-old, tried and true rules, many others have decided it is just fine to pave their own paths in this area and express themselves in a personal and modern way.

It is important to keep in mind that invitations are the first impression of your big life events. These invitations should reflect the tone and feel of your upcoming event. Choices in wording, colors, typestyles, imagery, etc. will all help you express this.
We would like to offer you a variety of wording options and etiquette rules, however, this is a very limited selection. Please feel free to choose from our offering, search out other offerings or make up your own.
Emily Post’s Etiquette
The New Book of Wedding Etiquette: How to Combine the Best Traditions with Today’s Flair
Crane’s Wedding Blue Book: The Styles and Etiquette of Announcement, Invitations and Other Correspondences