Green Statement

What with every company suddenly jumping on the "green" bandwagon, we just thought we'd take this opportunity to remind our beloved customers and retailers that, yes, Luscious Verde has been green all along. I mean, it's in our name, for crying out loud! And we've been living up to our green-ness as long as we've been in business. We:

By printing on both sides of our office paper and by other judicious uses of that office paper, we send practically nothing to the landfill. We try to minimize all the scrap that we can, and everything that's used to its fullest is sent to our local recycling plant.

We're not just helping out Mother Earth - we also serve our fellow man. If you've been following our (awesome) blog, you know that we've been donating excess paper to schools, clinics and charities, and getting some pretty great results. We also make some pretty cool promotional items out of stuff we're not using at the moment.

We get asked all the time whether our papers are recycled. Why, yes, many of them are. Contact us for a list of our recycled papers, as well as information on their post-consumer content, a valuable statistic that covers the range of enviro-friendability.

We also have exciting news to report about a partnership with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization based in the U.S. that helps empower communities around the world to restore tree cover to deforested areas. With every single order we ship, we will plant one tree.

Also, we actually hug trees on a regular basis. No kidding.