Our Name

Over the years, just about everyone has asked us, "How did you get THAT name?" First, we toyed with the obvious options, Paper This and Paper That. But we thought, "We're different, our cards are different, so our name should be different, too."

Chris-Anna, having been an English major, has a strong affinity for certain words. "Luscious" was a particular favorite of hers. One definition of "luscious" is "pleasing to the senses." We thought, what could be more pleasing to the senses than Luscious Verde's cards, with their layered papers, interesting textures and unique color combinations?

But "luscious" simply wasn't enough. We needed another word to represent the colorful nature of our invitations and stationery. What better word than the name of our favorite color? (It's green.) Luscious Green. Lacks something, don't you think? Chris-Anna's Spanish being pretty decent, she threw out "verde" as an option. As soon as we put the words together, we loved it. Luscious Verde. Luscious Verde. Thanks for asking.