Truly Custom Stationery

What exactly is Truly Custom Stationery?

"Custom stationery" is the blanket term that refers to invitations, announcements and social stationery that are printed with your name and/or personal information by a commercial printing company. Levels of customizability in the printing industry range dramatically; for example, you might be able to choose a typestyle and ink color for your custom stationery, or you might be able to create totally custom pieces "from the ground up" with endless choices to make in regards to the papers, sizes, folds, embellishments, patterns, envelopes, liners . . . the list goes on.

Luscious Verde specializes in what we have termed "Truly Custom Stationery," meaning that we have brought a level of customizability to the stationery and invitation industry that is rivaled by few We certainly hope that you love the luxury, couture announcements, invitations and stationery that you see featured here on But if you are looking for the exclusive level of boutique, custom design that we at Luscious Verde are so passionate about, we highly recommend that you contact one of Luscious Verde's dedicated, professional stationery retailers. They will be more than happy to help you with the thousands of different design options that we offer. A complete listing of our dealers can be found at